I am a web engineer focusing on front-end technologies. I have several years experience working for large organisations and small businesses. My main goal is to produce maintainable, scalable and semantic code. I firmly believe that delivering quality products is as much about people as technology. I'm passionate about forming and working in highly effective teams.



I have vast experience integrating HTML semantically and have run sessions to guide other developers how to structure accessible documents, diving into ARIA when necessary. I’ve worked in organisations that have used different CSS architectures and have benefited from understanding the advantages and pitfalls of all of these. I have experience developing “vanilla” JavaScript solutions, enhancing products when necessary. Working with Angular at scale has reinforced my view on the importance of Progressive Enhancement.


Early in my career I often integrated front-end templates into PHP CMS systems. Now I’m developing with Node, where I also use the technology for local development and tooling. I am currently learning Python and Flask and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have experience working with CI, developing Git hooks and working with Jenkins. I have more recently started deploying Node.js applications with Heroku and Cloud Foundry.


Introducing Unit Tests into my workflow has seen my code become more readable and robust. Previously I worked on a Cucumber framework for Functional Testing, but we dropped it to produce a more lightweight solution composed of Mocha and Chai. It’s important to me that we capture a test at the right level, with a suitable amount of coverage.


I believe that I have strong communication skills to backup my technical role. I have experience fixing and deploying high profile parts of the site to production whilst being on call and enjoy managing stakeholders expectations around this. I believe I’m particularly strong at communicating technical problems to a range of stakeholders, from technical management to product owners. In sprint life, I have always sought to negotiate with my product owner to prioritise technical debt and tasks alongside feature development.


HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, JavaScript, Node, Express, React, Relay, WebPack, Angular, jQuery, Mocha, Chai, WebDriver, Protractor, Cucumber, PHP, Python, Flask, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, Git, SVN


Software Engineer

StreetTeam: November 2016 to Present Day

I am currently working for start-up StreetTeam. Being the first hire, I've had an amazing opportunity to help build out a world class engineering team. I am now re-developing StreetTeam software alongside some amazing colleagues. We're building out an isomorphic React architecture, with i18n and Relay. UI applications are driven by a Python based micro-services architecture that we're consuming through a GraphQL service. It's quite bleeding edge and thoroughly enjoyable.

Software Engineer

Marks & Spencer: January 2015 to November 2016

Engineer for leading retailer Marks and Spencer. My role is to redevelop the existing website inside a new architecture in a responsive format. I’ve worked across various parts of the business, helping to form high functioning product teams with agile and XP methodologies. I will often pair with other disciplines to help form a well-rounded team, without any single points of failure. I have been an active member of the developer community, guiding others though a complex release process that involves many stakeholders as well as introducing new graduates to front-end engineering at M&S.

Web Developer

Bureau for Visual Affairs & ArtRabbit: June 2012 to January 2015

I started working for Bureau for Visual Affairs in 2012, but in January 2014 one of the directors decided to setup ArtRabbit as a standalone product and I followed him in this new venture. My role at Bureau was to develop and maintain an array of websites for clients in the Arts sector. During my time at Bureau I also conducted workshops on mobile-web and responsive development with high profile clients such as The National Gallery. Once we moved over to ArtRabbit my role changed slightly. Looking after a sole product in its early stages, I was often prototyping and user testing to help iterate over our product.

Front-End Developer

Dusted: June 2011 to June 2012

Dusted was my first job out of university and I learnt a great deal from my first year of employment. We had solid principles at the company, pushing Progressive Enhancement and developing accessible, cross-browser features (IE6+). My role here was to develop an array of websites for a variety of clients and we adopted responsive design very early on. Being a junior developer I was trusted to work directly with clients and external design agencies in New York and London.


Bournemouth University, Media School

Interactive Media Production, 2:1 (BA Hons)

The course gave me a strong foundation for designing and developing on the web. I further pushed my knowledge by living with classmates similarly motivated by the power of the web.

St Crispin’s School

3 A-Levels including ICT, Media Studies and Business Studies.

10 GCSEs A* to C.